What Colors Are In This Summer? 2023 Sunny Season Style Guide


Ready to dive into the most vibrant summer ever? We’ve got the scoop on the sizzling color palette turning up the heat this sunny season. Whether you’re a custom-clothing connoisseur or just someone who wants to rock the latest shades, we’ve got you covered with the trending color wheel featuring nothing but fashionable colors for the summer of 2023.

As your trusty custom style companions, our leading custom apparel experts have got their finger on the pulse of the latest in the fashion world and are here to guide you through the captivating world of the biggest color trends.

Whether you’re eager to stay on top of the hottest shades for your unique creations or a brand seeking to create personalized, trend-setting designs without missing the mark, this article is your ultimate color trends guide for the summer of 2023.

The Latest Sunny Vibes: Key Color Trends of Summer 2023

Who dictates what colors are in this summer? When it comes to predicting the season’s top color trends, the fashion industry wizards at Pantone and Dulux have mastered the art. These color experts delve into trends across various industries, from interior design to haute couture, to bring you a curated palette bound to steal the spotlight. So, according to the pros, what is the trend color for summer 2023?

This year’s headliner is none other than Viva Magenta – the Pantone Color of the Year 2023. It’s a captivating hue that’s sure to make a significant mark in the world of fashion, as per industry experts. Viva Magenta is like that spontaneous burst of laughter during a breezy summer picnic.

Its vivaciousness resonates with the lively spirit of the season, making it a staple for any wardrobe. You can rock it as a core classic on basic or use it as an accent color to breathe life into your prints and ensembles. But that’s not all the fashionable color magic we have in store. Let’s recap what colors are in this summer in this ultimate hue-down.

Cutting Through the Noise: Unveiling the Summer Color Trends in 2023

Saving people time and effort. Keeping things simple. Making printing custom apparel on demand easy. That’s what we’re all about. That’s why we’ve rolled up our sleeves so you don’t have to. Say goodbye to scouring the web for the latest color trend info – we’ve already done the heavy lifting and followed up on the color trend report for the summer of 2023.

Your custom style journey is our concern, and we’ve got every shade, hue, and vibe covered to help you make informed color choices for any piece of apparel you decide to customize and brand.

Wondering what colors are in this summer? We’ve got your back with the key color trends to help you make bold statements and hit the fashion bulls-eye, whether creating custom apparel for your team, an event, or your brand’s clothing line.

A Deep Dive into the Ocean of Hues: The Ultimate Guide for 2023 Color Fashion Trends

Get ready to ride the tide of style with our ultimate colour guide for the summer of 2023 as we navigate the sea of shades making waves this year! Consider this your compass through the ever-changing currents of summer color trends as we explore a kaleidoscope of fashionable colors set to define your looks.

From bold statements to subtle hues, we’ve got you covered with the trendiest palette of the season to use in your unique designs and hit all the marks, whether you’re cooking up custom gear for your squad, planning a bash, or plotting your brand’s clothing coup.

So, what colors are in this summer? What are the hottest colors of 2023? Grab your snorkels – we’re about to plunge into a colorful adventure. Here’s the 2023 summer palette, unveiled.

  1. Viva Magenta: Making a Majestic Entrance

Let’s start with the star of the show and this season’s fashion palette fav – Viva Magenta. Named the Pantone Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta is a vibrant and lively hue that’s set to dominate fashion this summer, referred to by the Pantone Color Institute as an empowering source of strength and inspiration. It’s a bold and expressive color, making it perfect for statement pieces that demand attention.

Whether it’s a flowing dress or a killer blazer, incorporating Viva Magenta into your wardrobe will infuse your style with a touch of elegance and playfulness. Want to make the color pop? Add it to your custom print designs, and watch it ignite any basic garment! 

According to the pros, Viva Magenta is a go-to for cooler skin tones, but don’t think for a second that those with warmer skin tones can’t rock this daring hue with an equal flair for a pop of color.

  1. Luscious, Fiery Red: Set the Stage on Fire

Remember when Rihanna stunned the world with that unforgettable Loewe look at the 2023 Super Bowl? Well, it’s no surprise that searches for “red” clothing items shot through the roof after this epic fashion moment. In response to consumers craving this bold color, it has made it to the very top of trendy colors this season. Fiery red is a color that exudes confidence and energy. 

It’s the shade that will make heads turn as you or your customers strut down the street, so don’t shy away from embracing this bold hue and making it your own with custom designs. It’s one of the top vibrant colors this season for creating Instagram-worthy looks that’ll have your followers hitting that heart button faster than you can say, ‘Light ’em up!’ Even the crystal ball of trend forecasting is blushing with excitement over the color red’s future prospects. 

This color’s reign seems far from fading, with trend mavens foreseeing its dominance across your summer and fall 2023 collections too. Marissa Galante Frank, the fashion director behind Bloomingdale’s, emphasizes its everlasting charm as a timeless touch across seasons, and shoppers are clearly feeling the intense emotional tug of this blazing hue.

  1. Electric Blue: Ride the Wave of Coolness

Forget about light blue or royal blue – if you’re looking for a trendy color that embodies the feel of a cloudless summer sky, then electric blue is your answer, with cobalt blue as the runner-up. This vibrant bright blue shade adds a burst of energy to your outfits, instantly making you the center of attention. Electric blue is the perfect choice to keep your summer fits or clothing lines fresh and exciting in 2023 and sing the summer song in style.  

  1. Earthy Orange: Embrace the Warmth of Summer

If you’re trying to decode what colors are in this summer, we’ve got the scoop on this citrus twist of 2023! Earthy orange is all about channeling the warmth and coziness of the summer season. Imagine the sun setting over the horizon, casting a warm, orange glow – that’s the feeling this shade evokes. Whether it’s a breezy tee, sundress, or a casual pair of shorts, this soft color will make anyone feel like they’re perpetually basking in the summer sun. 

The earthy-toned hues are slightly more wearable, too, because vivid orange is a bold move – and not everyone’s a fan. Oh, on that note, blazing yellow is also one of this season’s favorites if you have what it takes to pull it off.

  1. Digital Lavender: A Futuristic Twist

As technology continues to shape our lives, it’s no wonder that it’s also influencing fashion trends. Digital lavender, with its futuristic vibes, brings a modern touch to your summer wardrobe. This muted shade adds a sense of calm and sophistication to your outfits, making it perfect for both casual and dressier occasions.

This pastel purple shade sprouted up all over the place and found its place in collections of Jil Sander, Ulla Johnson, and many other big names in the fashion industry.

  1. Metallics Don’t Lie: Silver

When it comes to adding a touch of glamour to your summer outfits, metallics are your best friends. And this season, silver is taking the spotlight. Whether it’s a silver dress that shimmers in the sunlight or a metallic accessory, pocket or print that catches the eye, this shade adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your ensemble.

You might think metallics are reserved for those fancy schmancy nights out or during the cooler months when the temperature drops, but guess what? Designers are flipping the script and turning metallics into your summer’s BFF neutrals. Yep, our wardrobes just got a shimmering upgrade for those sunny days!

  1. Black Onyx: Timeless and Versatile

Black may not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of summer, but hear us out. Black onyx is the ultimate core classic that can be effortlessly incorporated into your summer wardrobe. It’s versatile, elegant, and always in style. Pair it with any of the other trendy shades from the array of colors on our list for a pop of contrast, and you’ve got a winning look.

  1. Pink: A Playful Journey

Ready for some more bright colors that are in this summer? The rise of pink for summer 2023 can be attributed to none other than this summer’s blockbuster – the Barbie movie. Taking a cue from the iconic doll who’s been charming us for six decades, the Barbie movie ignited a pink frenzy that’s practically painting the town.

All shades of pink are in, from baby pink and peach pink to bold magenta. Thanks to the so called ‘Barbiecore’ craze, pink is the undisputed ruler of the color kingdom right now – you can’t escape its playful grasp! Pink adds a playful touch to your brand’s or your personal style, and it’s the can’t-go-wrong color to experiment with this summer. 

Whether rocking a pink top or a pink accessory, it’s sure to capture the essence of this pink-painted season. 

  1. Oat Milk / Creige: The New Neutral

Move over, beige – oat milk or “creige” is the new neutral on the block. A blend of cream and beige, this color is subtle yet sophisticated and has become a sought-after commercial shade. Neutral colors serve as a canvas for the other trendy colors to shine, making it the perfect base for your summer wardrobe. From tops to bottoms, incorporating oat milk’s lighter shades into your outfits will give them a modern and timeless edge.

In the turbulent world of color trends, it’s the evergreen, can’t-go-wrong hues that call the shots. Neutral colors are like MVPs, getting all the attention for their crowd-pleasing appeal. After all, the calm tones of Oat Milk are like the fashion equivalent of a cozy, stylish hug that whispers “effortless elegance” in every outfit.

  1. Lime Green: Embrace the Vibrancy

Last but not least important contender on our “What colors are in this summer” list, we have lime green – a beautiful color that radiates positivity and energy. It’s a bold shade that’s not for the faint of heart. Whether it’s a lime green tee that turns heads or lime green accessories and details that add a pop of color, this shade embodies the essence of summer and all things vibrant and is all the rage in summer 2023.

But wait a sec because we’ve got a wide variety of other green contenders vying for the spotlight! For example, Johanna Ortiz embraced the timeless charm of Kelly Green, while Rejina Pyo gave a sly nod to minty freshness, and Victoria Beckham spiced things up with a zingy twist of acidity. It’s like a green party where everyone’s got their own fabulous shade to flaunt!

Drowning in options? So many possibilities on the table can leave your head spinning. Need a hand with making the perfect choices for your designs? Feel free to reach out – our apparel experts will be happy to chat and help.

The Answer to What Colors Are In This Summer is Here: Use It to Your Advantage 

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From the fiery reds to the cool, vibrant lime greens and earthy oranges, it’s all at your fingertips. Start designing now to tap into an array of customization and branding options, unleash your creativity, and embrace the power of 2023 summer color trends – now at your service. Your custom designs, imbued with the spirit of the season, are your secret weapon, and Apliiq is your partner in turning them into profit. Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself, so have fun experimenting with these versatile shades and creating your own unique summer looks!