Fashion & Branding: Using Summer Leggings to Increase Brand Visibility


The scorching heat of summer presents a golden opportunity for businesses to boost brand visibility and awareness. While you may think of leggings as nothing more than a workout staple, think again! As people venture out and about, engaging in outdoor activities and soaking up the sun, custom branded summer leggings become the perfect vehicle for showcasing your brand.

Summer leggings offer a versatile and stylish way to promote your brand while keeping your audience cool and comfortable during those hot summer days. In this article, we’ll explore how you can merge fashion and branding by creating custom branded promotional apparel using lightweight leggings that do all the marketing for you.

After all, life is too short to wear boring leggings – make each pair count to generate and harness the summer buzz!

Promotional Apparel Meets Fashion: Why Custom Brand Summer Leggings?

Custom branded summer leggings provide a unique opportunity to unleash your brand’s creativity and showcase its personality. Women’s leggings are the perfect blend of comfort and style, where fashion meets flexibility. Custom printing them allows your brand to stand out from the crowd with eye-catching designs, vibrant colors, and innovative patterns that reflect your brand’s identity.

With custom branding, your leggings become an extension of your brand, creating a strong visual impact and leaving a lasting impression on your audience. By leveraging the power of custom leggings, you transform your audience into walking billboards, effortlessly spreading your brand’s message and creating a lasting impression wherever they go. 

  • Mobile Advertisement: When people wear your custom branded summer leggings, they become walking advertisements, exposing your brand to a wide audience. From the gym to the grocery store, your brand will be visible to potential customers, creating organic brand awareness without any additional effort.
  • Conversation Starters: Unique and eye-catching summer leggings spark curiosity and conversation. When someone spots your brand’s logo or design on a pair of leggings, it becomes an instant conversation starter. This not only generates brand buzz but also creates opportunities for word-of-mouth marketing as people inquire about the leggings and the brand behind them.
  • Social Media Exposure: In the age of social media, a well-designed pair of custom everyday or workout leggings can be a catalyst for user-generated content. Encourage your audience to share their favorite leggings on social media platforms using your brand’s designated hashtag. This user-generated content amplifies your brand’s visibility and reaches a wider audience.
  • Brand Loyalty and Identity: Custom leggings create a sense of belonging and pride among your customers. When people wear your lightweight leggings for summer, they become part of your brand’s community, fostering brand loyalty and an emotional connection. This association with your brand builds a strong brand identity, making your audience proud to represent your brand wherever they go during the sunny season.
  • Long-Term Marketing: Unlike traditional advertisements that have a limited lifespan, custom leggings offer long-term marketing benefits. As people wear your breathable leggings repeatedly, season after season, they continue to promote your brand over an extended period. This longevity ensures that your brand remains in the minds of your audience, leading to increased brand recognition and recall.
girl wears green summer leggings

How You Can Merge Fashion & Branding by Creating Custom Branded Promotional Leggings

You might be wondering “Is there such a thing as summer leggings?” You bet there is! Summer leggings provide a unique canvas for your brand to shine during the sunny season (and even all year round). Think of them as more than just clothing – they act as walking billboards, spreading your brand’s message wherever they go.

By leveraging the popularity and functionality of leggings, you can create a lasting impression while promoting your brand on-the-go.  Here’s how you can merge functionality, summer fashion and branding into one to create a winning combination:

Cost-Effective Branding

With Apliiq’s print-on-demand solutions, you can effortlessly create premium custom leggings at a cost that won’t break the bank. From unique designs and your brand logo on the labels to ordering as many cool leggings as you need, when you need them,  the possibilities are endless. Plus, ordering our comfy yoga leggings in bulk offers significant cost savings.

Premium Quality

Apliiq prides itself on delivering high-quality custom apparel, and that includes a collection of summer leggings with plenty of stretch accoommodating every body type. Their breathable, lightweight materials, elastic waistbands, and stretchy fabrics such as elastane and stretchy cotton ensure maximum comfort for the wearer, even in the summer heat. 

Your audience will appreciate the smooth silhouette, chafe-resistant seams, and soft materials that our comfy, high-waisted leggings offer.

Attention-Grabbing Colors

Bright colors are synonymous with summer, and incorporating an array of colors into your chic leggings design is a surefire way to turn heads. Capture the essence of the season with vibrant hues that make your brand stand out in a sea of solid black leggings. 

Whether they’re conquering the heights of a rock climbing wall or simply in need of a pair of attention-grabbing fitness leggings to make a statement in the gym, summer is the perfect season to showcase your brand’s true colors on active leggings.

Versatile Promotion

Are leggings cooler than jeans? Yes! Are leggings comfortable in the summer? Aboslutely! Summer leggings offer a flattering silhouette and can be worn for a variety of occasions, making them a versatile promotional item. 

Whether your audience is hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply running errands, your brand will be front and center, attracting attention and generating brand awareness in your custom branded full-length leggings offering sun protection and maximum comfort.

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Apliiq’s ladies performance leggings fit like a second-skin and are equipped with moisture-wicking technology, keeping your audience cool and dry even in extreme warmth and during the sweatiest of workouts. Your brand will be associated with comfort and functionality, earning positive reviews and boosting brand reputation. 

And that’s not all! We’ve equipped these fitness leggings with pockets and made them sustainable, too! 

Private Labeling for Added Brand Exclusivity

With Apliiq, you have the option to private label your summer leggings, further enhancing your brand’s visibility and exclusivity. Add your own private or woven labels to the amazing legging styles, ensuring that your brand is front and center. This personalized touch creates a premium and cohesive brand experience, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. 

girl wears comfortable summer leggings

7 Ways to Use Custom Summer Leggings to Boost Brand Visibility & Awareness

Versatile, comfy, and made from breathable fabrics, our summer leggings are the top choice for women and offer endless possibilities when it comes to amplifying your brand’s reach and making a lasting impression. As the season invites people to embrace lightweight and comfortable clothing, custom branded summer leggings become a powerful tool for maximizing brand exposure.

Here are some creative ways you can incorporate custom leggings into your marketing strategy and turn your audience into enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

  1. Brand Ambassadors: Engage influencers, fitness enthusiasts, or loyal customers as brand ambassadors and provide them with a pair of custom branded soft leggings. Encourage them to showcase their favorite comfy leggings on social media, creating a buzz around your brand. #success!
  2. Sponsored Fitness Events: Partner with local fitness studios or organize your own fitness event. Outfit participants in your custom summer workout leggings, ensuring your brand is prominently displayed during the event. Capture the moments and share them across your social media platforms for maximum exposure.
  3. Collaborate with Fashion Bloggers: Collaborate with fashion bloggers or stylists who can create trendy summer outfits using your branded leggings for summer. Feature these outfits on your website or social media channels, inspiring your audience to embrace your brand as a fashion statement.
  4. Giveaways and Contests: Who doesn’t love freebies, right? Organize giveaways and contests on social media, with custom branded leggings for summer as the prize. Encourage participants to share their entries, spreading the word about your brand to their friends and followers. Send them off in custom packaging to add a personal touch and generate loyal advocates and new customers for your brand!
  5. Corporate Gifting: Custom branded, comfortable leggings make for unique and memorable corporate gifts. Surprise your clients, partners, or employees with a pair of leggings for summer featuring your brand logo. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and proudly represent your brand during their summer activities and vacations.
  6. Pop-Up Shops and Events: Set up pop-up shops at summer events, festivals, or busy shopping districts. Offer exclusive discounts or promotions on your custom designed leggings, enticing potential customers and creating a memorable brand experience.
  7. Social Media Influencer Collaborations: Collaborate with social media influencers who align with your brand values and target audience. Have them create engaging content featuring your summer leggings, amplifying your brand’s reach and visibility among their followers.

Remember, when it comes to boosting brand visibility with summer leggings, the key is to be creative, bold, and authentic. Combine your unique brand identity with the comfort and style of custom leggings, and watch your brand soar to new heights.

Harness the Power of Custom Leggings for Summer to Elevate Your Brand Today!

With Apliiq’s full-scope print-on-demand and private labeling solutions, you can unleash the potential of summer leggings to increase brand visibility and awareness and become the talk of the town. From design and manufacturing, to direct 24/7 support and lightspeed doorstep delivery, our fully customizable merch is the go-to choice for anyone looking to personalize their summer promotional items and boost brand recognition.

Explore the world of fashion and branding by partnering with Apliiq and witness your brand leave a lasting mark this summer with breathable fabrics and one-of-a-kind designs. Don’t miss out on the fun in the sun – start designing your promotional summer leggings now! Need a hand? Our apparel experts are here guide you from start to finish and help you brainstorm memorable custom branding ideas. Book a call with one today to explore your options!