NEW – Crystal Tie Dye Tees Dyenomite 200CR

Dyenomite crystal tie dye t shirts with direct to garment printing example.
Red, purple, navy, black from l to r.

Why Your Brand May Need A Tie Dye Shirt

As part of our commitment to being the best platform to create high quality branded apparel for your brand is consistently releasing fun new products that you can private label to make your own. And this week is on exception.

Everyone knows that during summers everyone is a little more laid back, it’s prime vacation time with everyone being out of school, and it carries through that people also want to be a little more laid back with their attire as well. It should come as no surprise that tie dyes are a summer best seller!

These new crystal tie dyes can be a great addition to the existing tie dye t shirt line up for your eCommerce store because of the unique pattern that each shirt produces. Whereas traditional tie dye shirts tend to have a circle pattern that emanates colors, the crystal tie dyes have more of an all over “cloud” or “smoke” aesthetic to them, which creates a visually pleasing presentation.

3 Key Tips for designs on Tie Dye T Shirts

We really love and recommend printing for tie dye t shirts, both direct to garment printing and screen printing are great approaches. In general, artwork needs to be big and bold when printed on tie dye t shirts, simply because more subtle designs tend to get “lost” within the tie dye of the shirt itself. Notice how the print in the image above is a full chest print and features bold colors that contrast the dye colors used within the shirt. We recommend avoiding narrow, thin, or low opacity designs as you will get less predictable results with printing.

As a company that’s focused on top quality branding, we also love to use a contrasting woven label sewn onto the hem or sleeve of these shirts. In the example above, there is a white woven label sewn onto a black tie dye crystal shirt. This type of branding tends to elevate the t shirt from a promotional product to a tie dye t shirt that a fashion brand can be proud of.

Whenever possible, we also recommend private labeling t shirts so it appears that your brand is the true and only manufacturer of the finished product. This improves your overall brand identity and conveys a level of professionalism that consumer tend to expect from retail ready products.

Careful Considerations With Embroidery

You can get good results with embroidery on tie dye t shirts, but we strongly recommend using thread colors that have a good contrast with the color of the shirt you would like to use.

The 2 best placements for embroidery are left chest and center chest, with left breast being them