Make a Powerful Statement Through Your Clothing Line Designs


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Brand First: Is You Clothing Line Ready for the Market?

Starting your own clothing business can be an easy process if you are organized. Even when you’ve been running your business for a while, it’s always a good idea to go back for a bit and check that there are no loose ends to your brand. Please take a second to review how to start a clothing line, before we get into creating awesome statement clothing line designs.

1. Make a Clothing Brand

It may seem dumb to say this but you have no idea how many sellers out there are operating without a brand! This is an awful business move because you don’t get to promote your brand, use branded tags on your clothing, or even be remembered by your customers (which is kind of a huge thing). You have to have a brand for your clothing line! Come up with a name and make a logo.

2. Research Your Niche

Your niche’s description, personality, and interests will guide you on what to design. For example, let’s say your niche is crazy for comics (teenagers for example), then your clothing line ideas could feature their favorite characters, quotes, inside jokes, and more.

3. Get Creative!

Get creative straight from the beginning. With your niche’s research, you know what designs they will love, and if they don’t love them, you can still test them. Testing your designs is a big part of this business because it gives you experience. You can start to ask questions like which designs sell the most and during what season in order to get more valuable information to master your brand. You can help yourself with online tools like design templates to make your job easier and faster.

How to Start a Clothing Line with No Money

So we’ve established how to start a clothing line, but how much does it cost to start a clothing line? We are pretty confident that you can plan all your statement t-shirt designs without ever spending a dime.

Managing your clothing brand can be as expensive or as cheap as you want. The secret is choosing the tools right! There are great apps, websites, and tools all over the internet to help you create and market your clothing business with practically no budget at all!

You can find free templates for your website, your designs, and there are even some free mockups you can download to feature your clothing designs ideas like a pro! This helps you get the attention needed and once you have earned a few bucks you can invest in a few ads here and there! Just do your research.

Get Social

Social media is an awesome tool to use in your favor and guess what? It’s completely free! Learn the best practices to optimize your social media pages to engage with the biggest audience and remember to always post relevant content!

This is where being creative really pays off. Try to generate traffic to your store by getting all your social media accounts running. This can give your customers peace of mind because they will see that you are a real brand and that you are everywhere.
You can start by inviting all your friends to follow you and keep growing your audience from there as you try to make it to your target niche.

Get Inspired with These Statement T-Shirts

Social causes create a general awareness and when effectively marketed, they become trends too! Everyone wants to be part of a cause and show their support. I don’t have to remind you there are tons of causes to make a statement t-shirt for, but let’s take a look at a few examples that are quite popular.

Political t shirts

Typography T shirts

LGBT T Shirts

A Note on Mockups to Design & Sell Clothes Online

Using professional mockups is an easy way to boost your t-shirt brand’s status online. You get to showcase your designs with real-life models, professionally shot images, and tons of different styles. Again, think of your niche, if you are designing clothing for a specific group of people, then you want to feature models they can identify with! Find all kinds of apparel mockups for shirts, pants, dresses, you could create hoodies for chilly seasons, and so on.

To Sum It Up

Making statement t-shirts is a great way to support a cause or movement or to encourage your followers to raise awareness for something they care about. In any case, people love being part of these causes and that is why making clothes that include statement designs is a great idea, It’s trendy and it will surely be a sales success. Be mindful of your clothing brand, take a step back and check and you have everything you need to get out there and crush it! Get your logo, your name, your social media and everything else on the good tracks!