Get In the Loop: How Loop Cards Help Apliiq’s Canadian Customers Save Money


In today’s interconnected world, Canadian businesses face the exciting opportunity of expanding their reach and engaging in global commerce. However, navigating international transactions and currency conversions can be a costly and complex process, eating into your profits.

That’s why Apliiq is partnering with Loop a revolutionary banking platform for Canadian E-commerce businesses. In this article, we’ll explore how Loop cards can help Apliiq’s Canadian customers save money and streamline their global business operations.


Apliiq’s Canadian Customers Can Now Access Global Markets with Ease

Looking to take your business cross-border? Loop empowers Canadian E-Commerce businesses to effortlessly access global markets by providing a range of multi-currency cards, accounts, and international payment products. Whether you’re buying goods in USD from Apliiq or selling products on Shopify in different currencies around the world, Loop has you covered with convenient payment methods.

Take your Canadian business global with Loop’s multi-currency corporate credit card – sign up now to get started and unlock a world of opportunities! Signing up is quick and easy, taking no more than a few minutes of your time.

Unlock Savings and Efficiency: Here’s Why Apliiq’s Canadian Customers Can’t Afford to Miss Loop

In the fast-paced world of E-commerce, every online business strives for a competitive edge. Apliiq’s Canadian customers, in particular, are about to gain a significant advantage with the introduction of Loop, a groundbreaking banking platform.

Loop offers a range of innovative solutions tailored specifically for Canadian E-commerce businesses, enabling them to unlock substantial savings and enhance operational efficiency. Apliiq’s Canadian customers simply cannot afford to miss out on the remarkable benefits that await them with Loop cards.

Let’s explore how Loop helps Canadian brands thrive in the global marketplace with their corporate credit cards.

Multi-Currency Credit Card built for E-commerce

With the Loop Card, you will be able to use one corporate credit card to pay in multiple currencies like a local. Spend in USD, CAD, EUR, and more, all while avoiding forced conversion fees used by traditional card providers. Repay on your own terms in the local currency.

Loop integrates with leading platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, and WooCommerce and is able to give your business credit based on your real-time sales and business performance.

Save on Currency Conversion Fees

Canadian-based E-commerce businesses operating in the US often lose money due to hefty currency transaction fees. With Loop cards, customers can save approximately 80% on currency conversions between CAD and USD. By leveraging Loop’s cost-effective currency exchange solutions, businesses can significantly cut down on unnecessary expenses and have a firmer handle on their international business finances.

Say goodbye to costly CAD/USD currency conversion fees – start saving with Loop today!

Maximize Profits, Minimize Hassle: Real USD Account with US Banking Details 

One of the key advantages Loop offers is the provision of a real USD account with US banking details. Unlike Canadian banks that offer USD accounts domiciled in Canada, which can complicate transactions with US business partners, Loop’s account is domiciled in the US. This feature enables seamless transactions with US counterparts, making it easier to conduct business globally and establish trust.

Cut Costs, Expand Reach: Why Loop Corporate Cards Are A Game-Changer for Apliiq’s Canadian Clients

For Canadian brands utilizing Apliiq’s bulk or print-on-demand services, the partnership with Loop Canada presents an unprecedented opportunity to transform their business operations. Loop’s innovative banking platform offers a suite of powerful tools and features that have the potential to cut costs and expand reach in ways previously unimaginable.

With Loop as their trusted financial partner, Apliiq’s Canadian clients can break free from the constraints of traditional banking. From seamless global transactions to significant savings on currency conversions, Loop’s game-changing solutions are poised to revolutionize the way Canadian brands do business around the world. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to take your brand to new heights with Loop and Apliiq in your corner. 

Become part of the vast community of businesses that already leverage Loop business credit cards to efficiently manage corporate cards, payments, foreign exchange, capital, and various other financial needs. Seamlessly handle these operations across multiple currencies, all from a unified and user-friendly platform.

Join now and experience the power of streamlined financial management at your fingertips. The best of all? Loop is completely free to use. However, you can always unlock more features and lower rates with simple and transparent pricing.

Streamline Your Global Business Operations with Apliiq & Loop

With the global business landscape evolving rapidly, Canadian companies need innovative solutions to optimize their business operations and maximize profitability. As the leading print-on-demand experts, we’ve made sure our clients have the opportunity to do so.

Ready to streamline your operations and save money? Get your free Loop account now! Take advantage of our exclusive offer and receive a $200 CAD statement credit when you spend $2000 with Apliiq!*

*Terms and conditions apply. Sign up through the link above and spend $2000 with Apliiq within 6 months of Loop activation and get $200 in statement credit on your Loop Card.