interview – our newest model austin burke


Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing our newest model… Mr. Austin Burke!

When he’s not driving his black Yukon XL (with 22, no, 23″ rims) to surf at the beaches in San Diego… you can find him chillin at the Apliiq workshop in downtown LA.

austin in the zebra hoody

here’s austin modeling a fresh new zebra print pullover hoody

You may recognize this supa star from one of his many appearances on the Rosie O’Donnell Show back in the day. Watch out ladies, he’s a triple threat… he not only models for Apliiq, but he sings a Justin Bieber cover like its nobody’s business, and has a long standing acting career on his family’s insanely popular youtube channel BurkeLife.

Learn about him in our paraphrased version of his words…

Apliiq: Where are you from?
Austin: Scottsdale, AZ, but I’ve been living in San Diego, CA for the last 5 years.

Apliiq: Coachella or Stage Coach?
Austin: Stage Coach, definitely. Love country music. Big fan.

Apliiq: Dream car?
Austin: Infinity G37. Black. With black rims.

truckin tee

austin in the truckin tee

Apliiq: Dogs or cats?
Austin: Dogs. I have 2: an English bull dog and a Shih Tzu…

Apliiq: What do you get when you mix an English bull dog and a Shih Tzu?
Austin: Bullshit.

pooch pounds pique sweater

austin in the pique sweater with presidential puppy fabric pocket

Apliiq: If you could do anything to make money, what would you do?
Austin: I want to be a music producer.

austin in the dolla dolla bill hoody

Apliiq: Hobbies?
Austin: Baseball – I was a lefty pitcher. Working out. 5 days a week. Surfing. Playing guitar.

Apliiq: Idol?
Austin: John Mayer.

Apliiq: Longest time you’ve been without your phone?
Austin: I went 5 months without making a single call on my cell phone. Survived with a lot of texts.

Apliiq: Any shoutouts?
Austin: Love my fam: Mom & Dad, Connor, Whitney, Tiffany; and of course my girl friend: Lexy.

Apliiq: Nice plaid shirt, what are your favorite fabrics?
Austin: Southwestern fabrics and tribal prints. Oh and plaid fabrics. And the occasional striped fabric.

apliramid pullover hoody

austin rocking a new african fabric pullover hoody

Apliiq: How does it feel being an internet sensation?
Austin: Had to block a couple of girls who were cyber creeps, but otherwise pretty sweet.

There you have it – a humble San Diegan with a face like an angel.