How Your Brand Can Collaborate With Nike


What is a collaboration?

The literal definition of collaboration is the action of working jointly with others to produce or create something.

A fashion collaboration is about a dialogue between the brands, their legacies and the core values that define them.

Why are collaborations so powerful for your brand?

Collaborations allow new brands to co-opt brand equity, gain brand awareness and add legacy depth.  At the same time, they allow established companies to deepen their customer relationships and reach new markets and audiences.

Collaborations can help achieve other goals as well, such as rejuvenating the brand image or changing the brand’s positioning.  

One of the greatest benefits of a change in brand perception within a market is the ability to command higher selling prices.

Are collaborations right for your brand?

The purpose of most brand collaborations is to engage and excite fans of the brands by bringing something new and of added value to the table, whether that’s a limited edition product or collection.

This excitement is meant to increase sales and conversion by leveraging the power of the brands together.

3 Huge collaborations you can’t overlook:

  1. Kanye X Adidas
  2. Tiger Woods x Nike
  3. Isaac Mizrahi & Target

5 Step Guide on how to build a collaborative polo with Nike

  1. Use these Nike products:

2. Order sleeve labels (aka woven labels)

Flat woven labels

3. Get clean embroidery artwork

4. Setup your design

5. Order a sample