Custom Embroidery – Video Clip Now Available


Custom embroidery is not only a way to put your artwork on your favorite types of clothing, it’s also an amazing process; a blend of human and equipment to bring a unique piece of artwork into the world. We are so passionate about embroidery, we wanted to find some fun ways to share it with you, our brand partners and your customers.

We grabbed a bunch of super short embroidery video clips and remixed them into this fun little video that highlights how intricate and precise our custom embroidery machines are. A super fun way to show a little bit about the “behind the scenes” process of making custom embroidery.

Use this clip to market your Apliiq embroidery products

Feel free to use this video clip to market your Apliiq embroidery products for your brands. A few key points worth mentioning are;

  • All embroidery work is being done in the United States and in accordance with the laws of California & Pennsylvania.
  • Embroidery on demand is environmentally friendly, we only make the products your brand has sold.
  • Your embroidery team is passionate about running embroidery, it’s an artform we love to practice.

Want to make your own custom embroidery video remix?

Help yourself to these quick video clip segments to create your own custom embroidery behind the scenes video! Make sure to tag @apliiq in your remix. Have fun!