5 Minute Design Tutorial: How To Create Matching Tracksuits

5 min watch: get great ideas for your next tracksuit

One of the most challenging products to create with print on demand is match tracksuits, so we wanted to put together a quick tutorial that is sure to get great results for clothing brand owners.

One of the major challenges with matching tracksuits is that most wholesale apparel manufacturers dye tops and bottoms of fleece products separately, which inevitably means the black hoodie and the black sweatpants typically won’t match when worn together.

To solve this problem we used Independent Trading Companies, pigment dyed fleece products, that come in a nice variety of very close matching tops and bottoms and in a great selection of colors. The have great pigment dyed shorts, pigment dyed pants, hoodies, and crewneck sweatshirts. These products will give you a great starting point to ensure your tracksuits come out super fresh.

Another design trend that we wanted to tap into was using tonal embroidery, which is basically a design where the thread color of your design closely matches the color of the garment. Apliiq offers a ton of thread color options to and the video above gives you a walk through of the available colors and how they look on each product color. This is a super useful tool so you can visualize how the interplay between your artwork and the garment will turn out.

Of course, do not forget to private label your new tracksuits, the Apliiq platform makes it easy for you to remove the manufacturer’s tags and replace them with your own branded tags!