What are woven labels and why are they used?


Woven labels are made from 100% polyester threads that are weaved together on an industrial loom at a slow pace, with finer, higher density yarns to produce the artwork or logo of your brand for your woven labels. We all know the importance of labeling to uniquely brand for your designed apparel to set your clothing line apart. The most important aspect of labels is your logo which will help your products to perfectly depict your brand story.

It is the most authentic and easiest way to brand your products with a logo because it is what makes your customer identify your brand, woven labels also reflects the attention to the details you have put in creating your products


There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details – Walt Disney.

When it comes to clothes, it’s the smallest details that tell the real story Brand identity is an essential part of a successful business, woven labels are the best label for that soft feel. These labels are a bold way for people to identify your brand and are one of the highest quality labels available. They are used by high-end designers because of their soft and lustrous finish.


What is the difference between Traditional White Private Labels & woven labels?



What type of woven labels available?

There are three types of woven labels: flat labels, folded labels and flag labels. You can select the size and shape you need for branding of your products.

Flat labels:

These types of labels can be created in shapes like horizontal, vertical  or square; they are sewed from each side as it lies flat on the garment rather than sticking out. Mostly placed on the visible areas or placement on the garment, so that it clearly depicts the brand it is coming from.


You can check all of the sizes we offer for woven labels.


Most used size for the flat woven labels are as follows:-

1)Flat square woven label (1.75″ x 1.75″)

2)Flat woven label (1.25″ x 1.75″)

3)Flat woven label (2″ x 0.75″)

4)Flat vertical woven label (0.75″ x 2″)


5)Flat square woven label(1″x1″)

Folded labels:

This the easiest and the most cost efficient way to brand your apparels like an expert designer, you will be able to add your artwork on both of the sides, they are only sewed from the top and the bottom.

You can check all of the sizes we offer for woven labels.




    Most used size for the folded woven labels are as follows:-

1)Folded woven label (1.75″ x 3″)

2)Folded woven label (.75″x2.5″)

3)Folded woven label (2″ x2″)

Flag Label: 

These labels are similar to folded labels; however, they are smaller in size, typically created in the 1” X 1” size and best suited to show the details and attention you have put in designing and creating the design.

Most used size for the flag woven labels are as follows:

  1. Flag Woven Label (1″X1″)

5 Best ways to design your clothing with woven labels:

1) Add your flat or folded woven labels on the left or right hem of the t-shirts , jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies. These placement options are used by the most sellers and this is the most efficient placement to use and brand your clothing.


2) Add your flat woven labels on the front crown of the hats and beanies. This placement option will provide your clothing a more classic and elegant look, this is the most popular placement for woven labels on beanies and hats and these are seriously trending right now.


3)Add flat or folded woven labels to the sleeves of the short sleeves t-shirts, this is the oldest placement which was used for branding the t-shirts and it’s still trendy till date.

4)Flag woven labels can be utilised best on the pockets of any t-shirt or product  you have designed, this is the smallest detail you can add to your branded clothing.

5)Add Flat woven labels to Right mid leg ofjoggers and shorts, this is the most legitimate way to brand your designed lowers and it will also help you increase brand awareness from your products because of being placed in the front.