4 reasons to use embroidered patches instead of embroidery


Do you want to sell professional embroidered apparel?

We do! Here at Apliiq we strive to deliver high quality professional apparel. That is why we created embroidered patches for dropshipping. Embroidered patches elevate the level of your brand, they stand out and make your garment special. It’s not just embroidery on the garment, it’s a woven embroidered patch that sits on the garment. A step up. It makes the product premium and one of a kind.

It visually shows your clients that the creators behind the brand took the time to ensure every detail was thought of and carefully looked after. Embroidered patches are just one of many things you can do to showcase that craftsmanship of your brand. You can also offer printed neck tags, or private labels , both subscriptions that remove the manufacturer’s label off the garment and replace it with your own logo. Or woven labels, an accessory you can place in various locations on a garment. Don’t mean to get off the subject, back to discussing premium embroidered patched products.

Embroidered patches are great for brand recognition, all it takes is a little creativity to design unique artwork to create embroidered patches that stand out from the crowd.

TIP: If you need help with graphic design, you can go to helpful sites like this where you can find a graphic artist to work with you on your budget.

Place your embroidered patch order with us and it will be reviewed by one of our professional artists who will ensure your artwork file creates the perfect patch result. We hire experts who work with you to ensure your patches are perfect. After you approve the mock up, we create a sample and reach out for approval before we make the 50 patches. After we create them, we store the patches in both our facilities in Los Angeles and Philadelphia and sew them on demand to products you assign them to.

Your creativity plus our streamline dropshipping production is a win-win situation for your pockets. A creative way to make extra money selling your artwork.

Check out this brand that adds xs embroidered patchesnear the cuff on the arm of hoodies. You can see more examples on our Instagram.

The dream begins with one of a kind art !

The key to an excellent patch is excellent art, which is where our professional graphic artists come in. After an order is placed on our website, they review your artwork file to ensure it’s suitable for embroidered patches. If your artwork file has intricate artistic detail, small text or more than five colors an embroidered patch is best. No need to modify the artwork file to meet the standards of direct embroidery, or lose any artistic integrity. and as a patch it can be applied to almost any garment. Keep in mind, the smallest a single stitch can be is 2mm or ~.07″. This means that the smallest level of detail within your artwork must be at least 2mm. If your artwork contains details smaller than 2mm our artist will update your file to ensure your artwork can be created as embroidery, we want to ensure a high quality result!

What is it about embroidered patches that add value to your product?

Embroidered patches look professional and legit. Think about the boy scouts, as a Scout goes through the many different ranks in scouting, they will receive rank insignia in the form of embroidered badges. These serve as a reminder to show how far they’ve come and how much they’ve accomplished. Patches are historic, modern, and relevant. A great way to stand out from the other brands and showcase a premium product.The best brands in the world know that they must set a high level of quality, and consistency in order to be successful.

Embroidered patches look great on the front or back of hoodies, sweatpants, placed in front of hats, or t shirts, basically anything you can wear! We offer a variety of different locations for embroidered patches.

Do you want to show your brand cares about quality?

At Apliiq we create high quality patches that last. Meaning, no unraveling, no falling apart. To create the best custom patches, you need the best materials. After years in the game, we mastered this and now offer embroidered patches for dropshipping. We use the highest quality embroidery thread and backing twill available for our embroidered patches. The patches can be assigned onto any of our products. We offer eco friendly products for those looking to make an impact on the Earth like us as well. 😃

The great thing about embroidered patches is that there will be consistency. We make 50 at a time and they come out looking the exact same. In comparison with embroidery directly on the garment, there might be slight variations if you change the garment. A thin shirt will embroider directly differently than a hoodie for example. With embroidered patches you can receive great embroidery results on soft or thin products that usually don’t embroider too well. And sell consistent high quality products.

It’s possible to achieve more detail on embroidered patches than typical embroidery directly on a garment. Embroidered patches are a great alternative to detailed embroidered artwork files.

Check out this example of embroidery directly on the garment. It sits more 2D on the garment in my opinion. Do you notice how It kind of warps the fabric around the embroidery as well.

Compared to the previous image, this multicolored embroidered patch sits nicely on top of the garment, no distortion of fabric around the embroidery! Just a solid outcome =)


If you’re interested in this awesome tie-dyed crewneck you can find it here =)

Seeking to design products with high margins for dropshipping?

If you are interested in saving money and having embroidered artwork that is high in different types of functionality, then embroidered patches is the way to go. Compared to direct embroidery, embroidered patches are less expensive in the long run for dropshipping. They are very similar to our woven labels. You spend 100$ minimum and we make 50 embroidered patches. That would make it around 2$ a patch. We store these embroidered patches at both of our facilities and sew them on demand to products you assign them to. There are various locations you can assign a patch to. The annual subscription pays not only for the patches, but also for us storing them, tracking their inventory as they are used and, most importantly, it pays for the labor of our sewing team sewing them on. Therefore if you add an embroidered patch to a blank product for dropshipping, you are only paying us the blank product cost plus shipping for dropshipping. ( Taxes if client is in california) Compared to the 10$ direct embroidery service fee of embroidery sewn on a garment. Embroidered patches average less than direct embroidery. You could save yourself small but significant savings for a small business. And you have the freedom to add those patches to various different garments and achieve consistent results!

So what are you waiting for?

・゜゜・ Elevate your brand today!.・゜゜・.