3 best ways – design branded clothes that don’t cost more

    Knowing what product design you’ve got in mind before time is the key to designing clothes that do not cost more. And believe us, you’ll be able to create killer, unique looks without breaking the bank. Plenty of individuals is now searching for cheap ways to style clothes with their own unique styles. There are many ways to save lots of money and still get quality clothing with the planning you desire. For instance, using services to customize the base garment that doesn’t cost more and making your own clothes saves money and allows you to be creative with how your clothes look.
    The first step is to analyze the material you want and then the look you seek for your brand. This could vary from as simple as choosing a basic tee shirt to as complicated as designing custom patterns for special shirts. Once you’ve picked on material, just choose the approach that will work efficiently with your company’s budget.
    The very next stage in designing designer clothing is to do exhaustive research. Going on a walk and doing some window shopping is among the finest methods for achieving this. If you do want high-quality clothes that aren’t too expensive, you should invest in premium fabric and pay attention to small specific. It is a goal for some brands to create products entirely from scratch. Unfortunately, we do not believe it is the ideal path for the great majority of brands to follow in order to create products that just aren’t more expensive.
    The next important thing is the service selection. The service that you choose for your branded clothes should be ones that are in line with your branding’s style and values, as well as those of your target market. These two considerations will also help you design a product that won’t cost more than necessary because you’ll have less waste, so it’ll be much faster and cheaper to create.
    “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.” — E. F. Schumacker.
    Bringing your unique product concepts to fruition remains among the most difficult challenges for small enterprises, especially if you require branding and design while maintaining quality. If you design your branded products in the market’s traditional ways, you will probably end up swallowing all of your profit margin on the products you have created.


In this article, we will talk about the three most economical ways to design your branded clothing using Apliiq, which will help you in building some really awesome products for your company without spending loads of money on them.

Here are the 3 most efficient ways to make branded clothes that don’t cost more :-

  1. Text and numbers could be an essential consideration of almost any design. In fact, several of the best-selling t-shirt designs are nothing but well-designed fonts and numbers; you can create stunning text designs in a matter of a few minutes and profit tremendously from them. Everyone loves clothing with text, and there are a few ways to make your text pop out. Here are few example listed below:
    • Adding a visual element in relation to the text, letter, or sentence you’re using and then applying it to the t-shirt, hoodie, or sweatshirt as appropriate will add extra details to your artwork and spread awareness about what your artwork and collection are about. It will also make your products standout out in the marketplace.
    • Adding merely text to the product with a trendy or basic font which is always in style; a good font has the power to elevate your text design, adding some trendy quotes or lines. It could be something luxurious, distressed, or classic. Everybody has basic text tees in their wardrobe, but they’re still popular because they are never out of fashion. Simply insert the font on the front of the product you’re designing and you’re set.
    • Showcasing the content of your text with a badass font, if you really want your product to get even more attention, sometimes it takes additional efforts to create a visual flow, you could either design them by splitting it into two lines, altering the font size and style. You may also make it by making the gaze term bold enough to draw more attention to itself.
  2. Adding embroidered patches to your product is a terrific method to customise it without inflating the cost of manufacturing. It enhances the level of your brand, letting them truly make your outfit unique. This is more than just embroidery on the clothing; it’s a step up. It enhances and identifies the product. These items may create massive revenues, allowing you to offer your consumers significant discounts, free delivery, or other enticing incentives.

    It truly represents the attention to detail, work, and effort you put into bringing the product to life. Embroidered patches are wonderful for increasing brand value; all it takes is a little ingenuity to make embroidered patches that stand out from the crowd.

    In comparison to other services, embroidered patches are an extremely cost-effective quality service since they are made in bulk prior to just being added to the base garment. Some of the world’s largest brands are conscious that they must maintain a high level of quality and consistency in order to become successful in the apparels game. There are so many patch options available that you can create incredibly high-end products while still keeping a range of things within your business budget..

    Patches may be created in bespoke shapes depending on your artwork, so there is really no set form for it; however, you will must choose the size of the patches you require based on the amount of detail in your artwork and the garment you have chosen to use them on. For example, if you choose embroidered patches that are 3″ X 4″ in size, you will be unable to put them to caps since they will never fit owing to their size. It is ideally suited for larger items like t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets.

  3. Add only woven labels and private labels to the product, it is one of the other cost-effective ways for you to offer traditional branded clothing to your customers. Woven labels, like embroidered patches, are made in bulk prior to being added to your products, making them extremely cost-effective. For each clothin, there are places to sew woven labels, ranging from discreet placement to more prominent branding chances.

    Woven labels are an essential part of the attention game, and they are ideally suited to be put on the outside of merchandise that may showcase your brand and the narrative behind it to the world. It shows how your brand has taken care of the product’s details.

    The recommended practice is to keep the garment blank or by a single design or embroidery which includes your woven labels and private labels. Private labels are used to indicate that the goods were manufactured by your company, whereas woven labels are used for branding and marketing. You may produce well-branded privately labeled items by combining both private labels with woven labels.

    It may take some inventiveness to develop artwork for woven labels because there are many constraints to their production; it cannot handle too many specifics, wash instructions, or sizing details; the artwork should be basic and feature either your business logo or name.

  4. We recommend private labels for garment care-wash instructions, size, and country of origin since they are best suited for it.

    Apliiq’s print on demand is solely focused on delivering retail quality apparel products. We offer premium branding options through labels subscription service that allows you to create apparel products on par with brands sold through retail channels. We also offer pocket tees and hood liners as customisation services.